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What An Elopement Is and Isn’t

If you think you want to elope, here are a few questions to ask:

Do you value your alone time with your partner and want to celebrate an intimate experience? Or do you want to treasure these first new moments with family and friends? 

Wyoming destination elopement with couple in the woods

Mountain winter wedding

If you answered alone, then that is the first big step towards knowing that you want to elope!  Elopements are for the couple and no one else. 

What if I want both? In that case, a micro-wedding or as I like to call it, an intimate wedding might be best  for you! You get a little of both worlds, and if you want to read more about micro weddings, check back soon for a post about how magical these can be!

What is Eloping?

Eloping is the best way to share an experience with your partner. It is really about the two of you and doing what YOU want. Nobody else! You can adventure to the mountain tops, run away to a destination, or even have a relaxing picnic among the wildflowers. It’s really up to the two of you to create whatever you’ve been dreaming of!  

Let’s break that common misconception – not all elopements are secrets! Pretty often couples will tell their closest family and friends about their plans. While others may treasure being able to keep it a secret. It’s really a choice that the couple gets to make.

Eloping can also be a budget friendly option or even a more personalized, luxury adventure! That’s really one of the most beautiful benefits of elopement – the options are endless and can fit whatever budget is needed!

Planning an Elopement

One area you want to keep in the budget is photography and videography. I highly recommend having both a photographer and videographer for elopements. It’s important to not only have something to share with all your family and friends, but also to have a beautiful snapshot of the moment you and your other half started your lives together.  One great way you can announce your elopement is by sending an album of images or even a video to your closest friends and family. 

Eloping doesn’t have to be a simple, quick thing either. You can have gorgeous florals, first looks, detailed ceremonies, cake, first dances, dinner, and whatever else you can imagine. It is completely up to you to decide if you want a quiet & quaint ceremony or still have all the great features of a wedding, but downsized perfectly for two. 

The main thing when you start to build out your ceremony is going to be what is important to the two of you. Make a list starting with the most important features to least important features. This will help out with budgeting later down the road, as well as give you a place to start the planning.

Once you have your list, start looking up vendors who can help with each item. Your photographer/videographer most likely can help out with locations and planning, but if you really want to make it simple and stress free, a planner is the best way to go! They can connect you with the best vendors and plan the details of your day. It really can help to make it all as stress free and fun as possible. Then, the day of, the planner can also make certain that everything goes accordingly and runs smoothly so that you get to enjoy your special day together. 

If the budget doesn’t allow for a planner, that is where your photographers and videographers come in ( another reason why your photographer/videographer is such a great investment) . We are your personal assistants that will capture all your best moments along the way. We also have a lot of fabulous connections to recommend, so no matter what you are envisioning, we can help get you the wedding professionals you need. 

But no matter the details, the main thing about eloping is that it should be a ton of fun and stress free. It’s about you and your partner making one of your biggest choices together, and creating the perfect day just for you.

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