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Alysia & Colter – Pinedale, Wyoming Wedding

Alysia and Colter Embrace During Wedding

I first bonded with Alysia when I found out she was also an avid hunter who loved to fish. It is always so exciting to meet other women who enjoy the outdoors and get the chance to swap experiences. Of course, Alysia and Colter also share a passion for fishing, which is a big part of their love story and the relationship that grew out of it. 

A & C are two of the sweetest, most quirky, fun couples I have gotten to work with. The second Alysia and I started nerding out about The Office at their engagement shoot, I knew it was a perfect match – for all of us!


The Wedding | Pinedale, Wyoming

Land of many fishes and endless sage. I had always heard people moan about Pinedale, and despite adventuring all of Wyoming, I had never been. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew it would be a beautiful location… because, well Wyoming! But, I mean Wyoming really doesn’t exist, and it’s all just a part of our imagination right?!?!

When I arrived in Pinedale I was pleasantly surprised – in fact, I was in freaking LOVE. From mountain lakes to Teton views, and the cuuutest coffee shop, this hip town has a lot going for it! Plus the vast amount of public land surrounding it makes it perfect for exploration. A little outside of Pinedale was the location for Alysia and Colter’s wedding. After a long few months of COVID and Colter wrapping up school in Bozeman, this special couple was finally ready to say “I DO”.  

Day of the wedding, I found myself surrounded with the most fun, unique bridal party EVER. Packing beers and smoking cigars, these ladies kept me laughing the whole day! But the day wasn’t just laughs – teary eyed moments were shared plenty of times, from the first look with Alysia’s dad to touching moments during the ceremony. 

Alysia made sure to include all her loved ones, including sweet Mabel (she is the red hound dog below carrying the big stick). This pup is Alysia’s pride and joy. So we obviously needed to get a a few pictures with the pups. But I never expected to almost be stuck rolling on the ground during this part of the shoot (partially from laughing so hard and partially because Mabel almost took us out with that fence post!) All the work was worth it though – I love these pictures of Alysia with Mabel so much and adore getting to capture furry friends with my couples. 

I treasured every moment of Alysia and Colter’s wedding, but especially felt touched at their vows. They spoke about getting to know each other in the beginning of their relationship. From long discussions all night to casting flies all day, these two were smitten from the get-go and knew right away that things were different. 

Now, as husband and wife, with a new job and new location, they are celebrating their life together all while getting ready for hunting season.


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