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Clove and Hallow | Vegan Cosmetics

Product photography is always a fun challenge, but it is even more fun when the project allows me to get creative by adding in some colors and florals. Which is why I absolutely loved this shoot with Clove and Hallow!

Clove and Hallow’s Shoot

Clove and Hallow is known for having less than 15 ingredients in every product, and this simplicity is carried over in their elegant design aesthetic in their branding. Because of that, I kept their shoot simple and didn’t add in too much. I took some of our favorite products and paired them with just a little bit of the same pink they sprinkle throughout their branding. However, it felt like some additional florals would fit in perfectly for their brand, so I got to incorporate some unique touches to make the pictures pop.

My favorite detail was the rosehips. I was able to pick some out of my garden and match them aside one of my personal favorites, their Everything oil, which has rose hip oil as one of the main ingredients. 

I am obssessed with the pictures from this shoot, as I felt it was a great pairing of creativity in a way that provides Clove and Hallow with on-brand images. It is SO important to me to make sure my brand photography will flow not only with a company’s branding, but also with their website and social pages. This allows the brand to get the most out of the images and ensures that they can use them in whatever spot they might need. Take a peek at how it all turned out!

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