Showcase your products with natural light, stunning quality & creativity photography

As your photographer, my job is to guide you with creative & professional insight as I illustrate your products with photography that is curated to your brand & clientele so that you can stand out.

Because as a business owner, you’ve likely realized that delivering your products entails a lot more moving parts than you originally thought. 

Perhaps you assumed:

But then it became about your systems, your copy, your social media, and of course, your images.

Suddenly you’ve found yourself hopelessly browsing stock photo websites, trying to quick take cell phone pictures, and left to feel like your brand has started to look like hers...and his...and theirs...

 I promise you, there’s a better way to represent yourself and your brand online. It doesn’t entail incessantly searching for image assets that don't even come close to what you’re trying to visually communicate.

In fact, you already know this. Which is probably why you’ve landed here!


As every single client and brand is different, my packages are customized to suit your needs.
To give you an idea, brand and/or product photography packages start at $525 and range up to $4-12K.
 This ranges drastically depending on if you're needing simple product shots in a studio for an hour, or if you need up to 2 days with models, props, stylists, and multiple locations.  


1.Planning and styling so you can stop procrastinating

2.Location scouting to find the venue & backdrop that’s right for you

3.Developing a detailed shot list to ensure your images are taken with purpose

4.  A large selection of models and props ( if needed)
5. High quality images and a sustainable investment that will

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Capturing Your Products in the Best Light

Planning & Details

After booking, I love spending time getting a feel for your brand aesthetic and the overall vision you have in mind for the shoot. I’ll comb through your Pinterest board and create a cohesive mood board. With a clarified vision on paper, we’ll finalize the remaining details like location, outfit selection, props, and more. 

Shoot Day

It’s go time! I get it, shoot day is an exciting...and often nerve-wracking experience. I’m there to check in with you prior to the shoot and provide guidance so you feel confident and cared for from start to finish. Together we’ll chase after the je ne sais quoi of that perfectly golden light!

Delivering Your Gallery

After your shoot, I’ll spend the next 2-4 weeks culling images, editing in my signature style, and ensuring each one is a spirited representation of you and your brand. Once they’re ready to go, you’ll receive a link to your full gallery to use and share as you see fit!



from Kacey:

"I love Kayla's candid style, which is one of the main reasons I hired her for a brand shoot. I wanted these images to allow my audience to get to know me and I knew she would be able to capture that for me. The day of, I felt a bit scattered but Kayla came to the shoot calm and collected. She was able to style the scenes with ease and that took so much stress off my plate! I felt like Kayla spent her time making sure everything was perfect so I felt like everything went so well! It was fun, and it was nice to know that she was invested in my investment."

Calm. Collected.


"Kayla is a sweetheart to spend the day with and captures all the best details. As a floral designer, I've enjoyed the opportunity to work with Kayla on projects this year and loved what she captured. From small details, to sweeping views and everything in between - she got it all." 

Small details to sweeping views

from Tiffany:

"Kayla's professionalism, knowledge, creativity, attitude and openness to new ideas drew me into her photography and persona. As a new business owner, I felt thrilled to connect with a fellow seasoned business woman. With her talent and great attitude I would most definitely recommend her! "

Professionalism. Knowledge. Creativity.

Foxtails Philosophy

Our enduring photography begins within nature. From natural light, wide open landscapes, and candid moments. I believe in illustrating the raw, wild, and captivating moments during your photography session while illuminating you in natural, golden light. Foxtails mission is to help make the world a little better by operating as sustainably as possible, working with vendors who prioritize nature & conservation, and printing with the finest, sustainable paper options.
This business is ran with love, passion, and creativity, it supports conservation & science, and is open to all types of love & people. As a business, we recognize the importance of schedules, organization, and value our process so that clients have the best experience from day one. 

"Don't be like the rest of them darling"

Coco Chanel


Rye 51

C & H


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