Photography as Iconic as the Tetons

looking for a photographer who can also be your local guide, make you look amazing, and give you a stress free experience? 

You've found me

Because I'm a photographer who knows the backroads & can take you to the best locations while also helping you to plan every step along the way so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment. 

Meet Kayla

 The spirited & light hearted adventurer behind Foxtails. 


It all started when.....

Since then:

2009 - I Bought First Pro-Camera
2013 - Photographed My First Wedding
2015 - Came up with Foxtails and designed my first logo
2016 - Created my first website

64 Weddings & Elopements photographed
7 Publications with National Standing
And HUNDREDS of product, engagement, lifestyle, branding, fashion, senior, family, and boudoir sessions photographed

Preserving the here and now with images you're obsessed with.

Et Volia!

YOU MIGHT BE A LITTLE LIKE ME.....If you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. The truth is, I love to hide behind my camera and help others. Because I know how scary and intimidating it can be to have your photo taken. 

After having my photos taken over the years & photographing hundreds of clients, I've become a great communicator & an even better photographer. I help my clients to look as good as they feel with encouraging direction & prompts. Plus I know ALL the best angles. Creating moments where you forget the camera is there and feeling CONFIDENT It's about those candid moments. Because honestly, those are the moments we remember & cherish. 

Can I tell you something?

What I live for :


An adventurous & extraverted go getter, she’s bound to be a total entrepreneur!
 Her dreams lie in the stars though with hopes of working for NASA.


Whether it's to learn or to relax, I love cozying up with my latest read and coffee (or red wine!) in hand


We have a flock of
chickens, 4 dogs (Belle, Snug, Annie & Cassie), a cat (Dora)...and I’d still have more


Especially to France & Mexico

I've traveled to 34 states and went on my first solo trip abroad at 25. I fell deeply in love with Cote d'azur in France and have dreams of moving there some day. I guess it's became a bit of an obsession and I hope to travel to as many countries as I can. Currently wanting to explore more of Mexico and travel to Iceland & Ireland!

Outdoorsy Things

Literally, all the outdoorsy things - hunting, fishing, kayaking, hiking…you name it. I am a passionate advocate for conservation and sustainability. As an ambassador for Wyoming Wildlife Conservation and living as sustainability as possible, it is important that I run my business with these values.  



To be honest, wildlife photography is the whole reason why I first bought my camera. Although my work today centers around wedding and brand photography, I still dream of shooting for National Geographic someday. So when it came to naming this business, choosing something that reflected my love of foxes just felt right. I love how quick, curious, spirited, and stealthy they are. They’re such beautiful creatures that I  feel equally feminine & masculine.

They’ve reminded me to remain true to myself, to answer the call to create and explore, and to bring out that same authenticity in my clients.

 I guess you could say they’re my spirit animal!

My wholehearted commitment to you

You’ll love the way you look and the way you felt even more.

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