So Picture this,

You escape for a romantic adventure...vowing your love to each other among the most gorgeous views. You look stunning & feel  overwhelming amounts of  love and excitement.  As you take the first step towards your future together, you'll forget that a camera is even around. Leaving me to capture the candid moments and best angles so that you can relax, have fun, and look your best.

Because once your elopement is over, the photographs you have to show off  and cherish forever are the best part other than your memories.

"Completely and perfectly and incandescently happy"
- Jane Austen

Elopement Packages

For couples and family of 10 or fewer 

Starting at $2850

Each Package includes:

- Exclusive client guide with recommendations, tips, and more
- Planning session to review timeline & locations
- Unlimited questions and guidance with vendors & planning
- Fully edited, high resolution images in a digital gallery to share, download, and print your photos. 

Plus optional add on for florals, sweets, & rentals!


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 Olivia & Steven:

"Kayla was the support system for my entire elopement and I felt so confident my plans would follow through effortlessly because I had her by my side!"

 Brooklyn & Frankie

"Kayla has so much passion, energy, and enthusiasm for what she does and making you feel so comfortable in front of the lense!" 

 Lauren & Justin:

"Kayla exceeded our expectations during challenging Covid precautions and limitations while giving my husband and I memories that will last a lifetime."



Olivia & Steven 
Ashley & Trey 



Once you’ve decided I’m the photographer for you (eeek...I’m so honored!), I’ll send over a detailed Welcome Guide and  list of vendor recommendations. We will choose your ceremony location and then I'll give you information on booking your permit & officiant! 


 After you have all your vendors booked and permit approved. Then we’ll schedule a  planning session to create a timeline, answer all your questions, and ensure I know exactly which shots matter most to you. Plus I'll give you tips on what to plan for with weather and to make the most of your day.

Wedding Day

I’ll arrive ready to go and am there to support you however needed. All you need to do is take everything in, remain present, and celebrate the fact that it’s your wedding day! I’m there to follow through on the timeline, fix your bouquet, take you to the best locations, and be your calm through any chaos. Rest assured, your photos are in good hands!  

Digital Gallery

After your day has come to an end and you’re hopefully off on your honeymoon, I’ll be working away to cull the best images, give them my signature Foxtails look & feel, and have you thrilled with the final gallery. You’ll find images to last a lifetime in your inbox within 6-10 weeks. 


Have questions? 
Check out the FAQ

How many pictures do I receive?

How long before I receive an album?

What kind of camera gear do you have?

How do you describe your photography style?

Can you edit for a different style?

Will you photoshop pictures?

What If I am TERRIBLE in front of a camera?

The amount of pictures you recieve can vary depending on if there are miltiple locations to drive to and how much time is actually spent photographing. Ultimately, I deliver around 75-100 pictures an hour. Sometimes there is more sometimes it is a little more if everything runs smoothly and we are at a single location. 

My ultimate goal is to have galleries delivered asap. Different times of year are busier than others though so at the beginning or during off season,  I might be delivering a gallery in 2 weeks but during  the busiest of the season it can be closer to 10 weeks.   

I shoot Nikon and use their mirrorless cameras/ lenses. They are the most up to date with technology and provide the best quality. My favorite lens is the 85mm /1.8, I started using this morning during covid to keep my distance and absolutely love it!  Next is the 35mm/1.8 or 70-200/2.8. Occasionally, I shoot a little film for fun too! 

My style is natural. From using natural light rather than using flash ( I feel it captures so much more emotion and is softer) to edit as naturally as possible. My goal is to present true to life images in color and emotion. 

No. While the trendy edits of dark and moody, yellow/golden tones, or vintage are really popular, they change the color of skin tones and all of your wedding colors. I don't want to edit in those styles and I also worry that in 10 years, couples will regret having the trendy edits, so because of this, I just try to be as real and true to life as possible so that your images are enduring over the years. 

In short, no. I'm a photographer and not an editor so I don't even own photoshop. But my have never asked or need it. We really work together to capture life how it happens! If needed, I do cover up skin blemishes, whiten teeth, or little things that!  During the summer months, sometimes bugs land on people during photos so I remove small things like that but if there are people to remove or make anyone skinner etc. then we hire on an editor who specializes in that. 

I can relate to that feeling, which is why I hide behind the camera! Haha! But truthfully it has made me such a stronger photographer. Because I understand and am aware of how my clients feel, we work through directions and prompts rather than poses during sunset photos and such. This way you can be focused on something other than the camera and I can guide you to adjust with small movements or just angle myself a little different! To be honest, usually people aren't terrible in front of the camera, they just need someone who knows how to shoot different angles, direct, and help you to feel comfortable and confident!

Frequently Asked Questions

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