The Ultimate Sage Lodge Wedding Venue Guide

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Nestled just beyond Bozeman in the enchanting town of Pray, Montana, Sage Lodge is a venue where rustic allure meets upscale grandeur, offering a sanctuary for weddings and elopements that’s as dreamy as it is memorable! With Yellowstone’s iconic natural splendor a mere stone’s throw away, Sage Lodge is a promise of a wedding experience that will take your breath away, weaving the wild elegance of the west into the tapestry of your celebration. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of Sage Lodge and help you decide if it’s the dream mountain wedding venue for you! 

Sage Lodge: A Western Gem

Celebrated for its luxurious western ambiance that’s reminiscent of a grand log cabin, Sage Lodge wraps you in a cozy embrace with its crackling fireplaces and expansive windows that frame the epic vistas. Paying tribute to the spirited west while enveloping you in sophisticated elegance, Sage Lodge is the canvas for your day, whether it’s an intimate soiree or a lavish celebration! Offering a variety of event spaces and stellar service, Sage Lodge caters to every wish and whim for your Montana wedding or elopement.

Sage Lodge Wedding Venue Spaces

  • The Library: With its rich wood paneling and secluded charm, courtesy of elegant French doors, the Library is your nook for intimate ceremonies or dinners, radiating an Ernest Hemingway vibe for gatherings of 2-10 guests.
  • Restaurant Adjacent Room: Bathed in natural light, this space is a harmonious blend of privacy and openness, accommodating up to 25 guests for intimate receptions.
  • Main Reception Room: For a celebration that echoes the grandeur of the west, this room offers a sprawling space for dining and dancing, with large windows inviting the outside in, and includes access to a verdant lawn and a cozy cocktail room.
  • Ceremony Lawn: The crowning jewel, the ceremony lawn, offers a panoramic backdrop for your vows, complemented by seamless access and the option for a tented reception under the starlit sky.

A Luxurious Western Rendezvous

Sage Lodge reimagines the western escapade with a luxurious twist, merging the laid-back vibe of a cowboy’s retreat with the finesse of fine dining and upscale accommodations. A match made in heaven, am I wrong? This unique blend makes Sage Lodge the quintessential venue for those who yearn for the wilds of the west but still want a touch of elegance for their wedding or elopement.

Adventures and Amenities

More than a venue, Sage Lodge is an expedition into the heart of Montana! With guided hikes, fly fishing, yoga, and so much more, it invites couples and guests to dive into the Montana way of life. The proximity to Yellowstone opens doors to adventures, making your celebration an epic tale of love and exploration. Whether you want to take your guests on an adventure or save it for the two of you, the options are endless!

The Ultimate Sage Lodge Wedding Venue Guide

The Sage Lodge Spa

At Sage Lodge, the spa offers a tranquil retreat for you to indulge in serene relaxation before or after your wedding celebrations. The spa crafts an intimate experience with treatments that blend the essence of the wilderness with rejuvenating therapies. Couples can share in the harmony of side-by-side massages or partake in signature treatments, all while detoxifying in the steam rooms to ease pre-wedding jitters! This sanctuary of peace not only complements the wedding experience but enriches it, allowing you to weave moments of tranquility into your weekend, ensuring your journey begins with a serene and heartfelt touch against the backdrop of Sage Lodge’s wild, enchanting vistas.

Sage Lodge Wedding Venue: The Culinary Experience 

Feasting at Sage Lodge is a journey through the finest local produce, with menus that are rooted in rustic, bold, and honest flavors. Between The Grill and The Fireside Room, whatever craving you have will be satisfied by the Lodge’s in-house dining options. In addition to their fine cuisine, you’ll find tasty cocktails and smoked whiskeys! You can even do a smoked whiskey bar for your wedding!

Sage Lodge Wedding Venue Cost

Sage Lodge curates a spectrum of wedding experiences, from the exclusive resort-wide Wedding Buyout Experience to the intimate Emigrant Peak Elopement Package. Each offering is crafted with care, ensuring that your celebration is nothing short of legendary.

Wedding Buyout Experience: This package offers an exclusive, resort-wide celebration, ideal for a luxurious and private event with all your favorite people! Inquire with Sage Lodge for details and pricing. 

Signature Wedding Packages

Tailored for up to 150 guests, these packages include essential features for a larger, more traditional wedding.

Mountain Rose Package – $225 per person

Package Includes:

  • Four-hour reception
  • Choice of three passed appetizers
  • Three-course meal
  • Four-hour beverage package: beer, wine & bubbles, two specialty cocktails, non-alcoholics, champagne toast, tableside wine service

Lupine Package – $260 per person

Package Includes:

  • Four-hour reception
  • Choice of napkin color from the Sage Lodge rental catalog
  • Choice of three passed appetizers
  • Three-course meal
  • Four-hour beverage package: beer, wine & bubbles, frontier liquor, two specialty cocktails, non-alcoholics, champagne toast, tableside wine service

Yellowbell Package – $305 per person

Package Includes:

  • Five-hour reception
  • Choice of napkin color from the Sage Lodge rental catalog
  • Choice of three passed appetizers
  • Four-course meal
  • One late-night bite
  • Five-hour beverage package: beer, wine & bubbles, diamond tier liquor, two specialty cocktails, non-alcoholics, champ toast, complimentary bartender for the 5th hour of service, tableside wine service

Wedding & Elopement Packages at Sage Lodge

Paradise Intimate Wedding Package: Perfect for 10-50 guests, combining personalization with the beauty of Sage Lodge for smaller gatherings at $225 per person.

Emigrant Peak Elopement Package: Designed for 2-6 guests, offering an intimate and romantic setting for elopements, with seasonal pricing variations. Package rates starting at $7,000 in November – April or $8,500 May – October.

The Ranch Houses at Sage Lodge

The Ranch Houses at Sage Lodge the perfect setting for couples and their guests, encapsulating the essence of elevated western comfort among Montana’s breathtaking landscapes! These luxurious lodges are more than just accommodations; they are intimate gathering spaces where wedding parties can converge in elegance and privacy. Does it get any better than that? Each Ranch House is designed to foster a sense of community and connection, with spacious living areas, multiple bedrooms, and full kitchens, making them perfect for hosting families and friends in the days surrounding your wedding festivities. 

The serene setting not only provides a picturesque backdrop but also ensures that every moment shared is surrounded by the natural splendor and tranquility of the west. For couples hosting their wedding at Sage Lodge, the Ranch Houses are a promise of shared joy and unforgettable memories, offering a home-away-from-home experience that weaves together the wild beauty of Montana with the intimate moments of celebration!

Sage Lodge Wedding Inspiration

For the Pioneers of Love 

Sage Lodge is where rustic charm dances with luxury, set against Montana’s awe-inspiring landscapes. With its versatile spaces, impeccable service, and dedication to crafting legendary experiences, it stands as the ultimate haven for couples dreaming of a wedding that’s both wildly romantic and elegantly western! If one of your ultimate priorities for your wedding day is having enduring images that illustrate the wilds of the west and encompass the emotion, romance, and joy of saying ” I do,” then what are you waiting for? Join the Foxtails Family by inquiring through our contact form and I’ll get back to you with more information!

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