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Winter Wedding in Jackson Hole

Thinking of having a cozy winter wedding or elopement? 

Here are some of our favorite winter wedding ideas, tips, and pictures to lend inspiration if you are planning a wedding or elopement with a winter wonderland theme!

Winter Wedding Venue

First off, location!  We never know what the weather will be like. So having a stunning location as a backup in case of a blizzard is critical. In Jackson Hole. I recommend renting out a beautiful Airbnb or booking a room at the Bentwood Inn or Trail Creek Ranch. I love those two places because the ambiance and location are both PHENOMENAL! Plus I adore the staff and they make certain you have the best experience! 


If you’re wanting a little more luxury, then I recommend Amangani, Caldera, or The Four Season Jackson Hole. They can really elevate your experience and all three have beautiful suites and delicious restaurants with beautiful locations. Amangani has my personal favorite view because you can see all the mountain ranges! A winter wonderland indeed.

Winter Wonderland Ideas 

Here are my top ideas to make your winter wedding the prettiest and most fun! 

Winter wedding colors

Having warm tones in your color palettes like caramels and golds or a burnt orange can really add depth along with those mountain blues and greens! Even a burgundy looks amazing too! Because everything is white, it really makes colors pop! When my grooms wear a dark blue or orange, it pops so well with the white, blues, and greens of the mountain terrain! 

Winter Wedding Layers

It is COLD, so having beautiful layers make such a difference! I often find my couples love a good fur coat or mitten and Pendelton has some beautiful wool coats too! A fuzzy hat or wool cowboy hat is another beautiful and photogenic layer!  Hats, Mittens, and Coats can all be beautiful and keep you warm!

Winter activities

A horse-drawn sleigh is probably my favorite winter wedding activity.  Next up is dog sledding and of course, you can ski or snowboard! Even those lifts can make for some fun photos and experiences! 

Winter Wedding Tips

Number one is to stay warm while looking amazing for your winter wonderland wedding! Here is how we make that happen!

Winter Warmth

The less photogenic parts that help to stay warm are under layers! I always recommend wool so get the wool leggings, thick wool socks, all of it! Then, you can even pair it with a great set of Sorel or Ugg boots in white. I’ve had a lot of brides wear these and they make some styles for men too! 

Heat packs and breaks

Having those little hand and foot warmers make a BIG difference. If you’re planning a winter wedding then you and your guests should have lots of these on hand! You’ll want to remember that they take a while to heat up. So always open them 20-30 minutes before you think you’ll need them. For instance, I have my couples open them on the drive to their ceremony location! 

We also take breaks to make certain everyone stays warm. We never know what the weather will be like so we plan in extra time so that if anything, we are ahead of schedule. 

Want a Winter Wedding with Foxtails? 

After 8 years, we have a LOT of experience with winter weddings in the mountains. Our process makes certain you get to have fun but also are prepared. You can send us an inquiry to see if we are available for your winter wedding or elopement and we will be happy to help plan it out with our full vendor guides, tips, and ideas! That’s right, this blog is just a single snowflake compared to what you will actually get with us! 

Inquire Now!

Can’t wait to hear from you and make your winter wedding or elopement dreams come to life! 

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