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You can often find me in Tulsa, Oklahoma where I am from. Or catching a flight Cancun or Tulum Mexico for my favorite beaches. Perhaps munching on pastries in Iceland, and often basking in sunshine on the French Riviera. But wyoming is Home and where I love to spend most of my time documenting

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Let’s have a Jackson Hole mountain wedding!

Every once in awhile I get a couple where a friendship just develops naturally because their passion for life is so invigorating, and I just can’t get enough of it. Vanessa and Camden were definitely one of those couples. I was ready to go on an adventure with these two, as I felt like they were so much fun and up for anything. 

One thing that we really connected on was a love for the mountains and the water, both in Wyoming and Alaska – where Vanessa and Camden have both lived. 

Vanessa and Camden’s Love Story

Vanessa actually met Camden in Wyoming while they were both working at Yellowstone National Park. They met and didn’t actually connect till a year later when they both ended up in Yellowstone again. After that second time around, Vanessa was smitten and so began her and Camden’s life of adventure. Having a Jackson Hole Mountain Wedding just made perfect sense. 

Now whenever I say adventure, I mean this is a couple who will literally pack a bag if they’ve decided that they want to go somewhere and then just find their career and set up their life after arriving. That’s actually how they ended up in Alaska – one wild idea, and Vanessa encouraged Camden to just do it and so they did. 

Now they find themselves living on the keys, soaking up that Florida sunshine and spending their free time fishing and paddle boarding. But when it came to planning their wedding, they knew that they wanted to return to Wyoming where they met. And once the planning began, they couldn’t think of a better spot to say, “I do,” than the location where they first went camping together in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, looking over the Grand Teton National Park. And so began Vanessa’s long-distance wedding planning, in addition to it also being in 2020. But despite COVID, it was a great year for an intimate destination wedding – a Jackson Hole mountain wedding, to be exact. 

Vanessa and Camden’s Jackson Hole Mountain Wedding

Vanessa and Camden have endless stories together, from adventure to when things go terribly wrong, and then to a fun and unique love story. I was so excited for their Big Day. As we had only spoken over the phone and video, meeting them was amazing, as we had gotten to know each other over the months and I felt like part of their family and friends. Believe me, the meeting definitely started with a big hug! 

When I first arrived to check in Vanessa was still having her hair and makeup finished, so I quickly jumped in to capture some details and flat lays along with getting a few pictures of the guys getting ready. I love getting to capture the details and hang out for candid moments as everyone is getting ready. Not to mention first looks with the family or even a quick moment with your betrothed! Vanessa and Camden didn’t want to see each other, but they did want to have some time together. They decided to read letters and hold hands, so I found a cute little location right outside their rooms that would work. Once they finished having some time together, we headed out to the ceremony location!

The forecast was a little dreary, but I told them not to worry, normally the sun always pops out. The best part was that the rain had cleared the thick smoke out of the sky from all the fires, and we were left with one of the prettiest skies I had seen all summer. I still look back and think of how dreamy their ceremony was, as the skies turned a beautiful shade of blue, just as Vanessa started walking down the aisle and the sunshine came pouring down, warming us all up from the chilly breeze and filling our souls, as we all cheered with delight and awe for nature’s perfect timing! 

Their friends journeyed from all over to celebrate Vanessa and Camden, as they have lived as far North as Alaska and now have settled into the Florida Keys (water and fishing seem to be their calling!) It was beautiful to see so many joined together to celebrate during a year when celebrations were rare. 

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