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Your local Jackson Hole, Wyoming  wedding and Elopement photographer. 
You can often find me in Tulsa, Oklahoma where I am from. Or catching a flight Cancun or Tulum Mexico for my favorite beaches. Perhaps munching on pastries in Iceland, and often basking in sunshine on the French Riviera. But wyoming is Home and where I love to spend most of my time documenting

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Hi, I'm Kayla

Romance the West With Wyoming Elopement Packages and a Jackson Hole Elopement Photographer Who Knows the Backroads

If you’re googling ” Wyoming Elopement Packages” and feel called to elope in the wilds of Wyoming, you have roamed to the right place!

As a local with 17 years under these Wyoming skies and 9 years of professional experience documenting couples in love, I am here to guide you through the depths of running away to the last frontier while capturing your adventure in golden light.

From the time you inquire to stepping in front of the camera, it’s about you relaxing, having fun, and living in the moment.

That’s why I have curated tailored Wyoming elopement packages! From an all-inclusive experience that is less about stress and more about you surrendering to what matters most, to a simple elopement with Photography. I have exactly what you’re looking along with iconic, captivating photography + videography. Because when you’re setting out to promise forever below the Tetons, you deserve nothing less, darlin’.

Our Wyoming Elopement Packages

Couple standing in front of Tetons during their Wyoming elopement package with Foxtails Photography

What to Expect in a Wyoming Elopement Package with Foxtails.

Truth is, planning a destination Jackson Hole elopement can be just as thrilling as it can be stressful! Not only are you running away to get married within the wide-open spaces of Wyoming, but you’re doing your best to rope in the logistics from afar. 

One of the things that make my elopement packages so special is that each of my clients receive 5 different guides. These hold all of my latest tips, tricks, and recommendations! So rest assured, with me as your local photographer, you’ll never have to go at it alone. Because when you join me in Jackson, I will not only ensure you have a genuine, stress free experience, but I’ll snap your love story in a way that you’ll artfully cherish for a lifetime.

If you’re reading this, you have probably gathered that eloping in Jackson is perfect for an adventurous couple who value:

  • Breathtaking mountain views
  • Wildlife & nature
  • Mountain town hospitality
  • Adventure off the beaten path.

The How, When And Where of your Elopement Package

Many of our couples have never been to Wyoming. With our local expertise and knowledge, we will ensure that you and your fiancé feel supported but also informed! The first steps after booking is reviewing Locations, lodging, and time of year/dates. And I promise it’s fun every step of the way!

No matter the season, we have lots of options from in Grand Teton National Park or Bridger Teton National Forest to Private locations! Ultimately, it’s all about your vibe and dream and how we can bring that to life!

What it’s like to elope in Jackson Hole

Because you’ve chosen to run away to the mountains to marry the ONE, we want you to forget there is a camera around. Trusting us to capture your best angles in golden light as we explore, and celebrate your love under the wild elegance of the Tetons.

We chose stunning locations + fun prompts & direction that fit who you are and what your vision is as well as experiences so that you are making memories together, not just standing in front of the camera!

The Foxtails Elopement Experience

Listen, we know that the titles “Destination Wedding Photographer” and “Adventure Elopement Photographer” are commonly used in the industry. Although we could technically fall under the labels, we prefer to pioneer our own path to Jackson Hole elopement photography (looks like we have that in common!).

Leaning more towards a Western Elegance or a Mountain Romance, our style is elevated ( quite literally) and classy while also being genuine and natural. We’ve been shooting iconic landscapes and weddings in the wild frontier for almost a decade now and love this place just as much as you do if not more.  I mean, after spending 17 winters here I’d say thats dedication!

Your Wyoming Elopement package rides beyond the surface level Jackson Hole experience & take the scenic route to your enduring forever. Because, when you’re celebrating a moment this grand (and making the investment to wed west), you should have a fine art photographer turned giddy up guide who is just as invested in your memories as you are.


Golden rose from a Wyoming Elopement package in Jackson Hole with Foxtails

Wyoming Photography style

I do have a way for finessing your love into fine art while preserving your devotion to one another in candid photographs that look as good as you feel. All while exposing you to cowboy country as it is (duh!). 

Our itinerary is rooted in presence and unearthing nostalgic adventures that spark intimate romance through the shutter. We call in wedding traditions on your terms and witness the West so vividly you’ll be able to tell your elopement story for generations to come. After the unhurried ceremony of your dreams, I will lead you through a custom day of exploration; whether we trek back to the hot springs or honeymoon on horseback! No matter what adventure you and your fiancé choose, I promise to meet you with down-to-earth photography (like I’m not even there!) and bubbly! 

Leave No Trace Policy

Above all, Foxtails believes in preserving the wide-open spaces of Wyoming, protecting wildlife and leaving the West better than we found it. So although there’s nothing that gets us going like breaking a rule or two, know that sustainability always comes first here. I’m a certified Leave No Trace photographer and we always go over how to have fun while also taking care of whats around us!

Foxtails’ Wyoming Elopement Packages

As you dive into my Wyoming Elopement Packages you’ll find that enduring, spirited photography is at the heart of it all. However, a few packages are designed to be all-inclusive and adventure packed. Because the West may be wild, but planning your elopement doesn’t have to be.

So if you’re a type A/1 like me, you might want to do a lot of the planning and details.

But for those of you who just want it to be simple, fun, and show up to the party. then the All inclusive might be best for you!

  1. Wild West Romance 

This 5 Hour elopement is like riding off into the sunset, because we literally can! It’s our most popular package! From getting ready to star gazing camera in hand, we strategize to place your photography coverage where you want it the most while allowing you enough time to be present and fully immerse yourself in the adventure.

  • 5 hours of wedding photography coverage to capture all the best moments ( roughly 375-500 images) 
  • My 5 AMAZING client guides with all the tips and tricks to help and support you along the way and help plan!! 
  • 10 Polaroid pictures from your wedding day!
  • Champagne for us celebrate post ceremony.
  • Two cute mini cakes or specialty desserts to snack on and potentially shove in each others faces.
  • Sneak peek in 72 hours of your wedding day with 50 images.
  • A fun and easy online gallery full of images for you to share with friends and family.
  • Full print rights so that you and all your friends and family can have those memories up on the wall! 
  • Full Gallery is delivered in 6-12 weeks ( date night to reminisce!) 
  • Surprise adventure for us to go on! Remember that little question in my inquiry form? It’s there for a reason!

This package is perfect for:  The couple who wants to break the rules as they get hitched, but not be tight on time! You’ll truly get to romance the west with an adventure of a lifetime! 

Now keep in mind that if 5 hours seems like a lot, it’s a bit different out west! Things are spread out and we make certain to allow time so that we aren’t rushing and have time for an experience!

  1. Roaming The last Frontier ALL INCLUSIVE!

Throw a party & Teton adventure the whole town will be talking about! This package is designed for the couple who dreams of romance the west in love without any time restraints, vendor management or planning stress. An all-inclusive way to roam the west while focusing on your love!

  • Bridal Bouquet and Bout
  • Elopement cake for two
  • Hair + Makeup with one of our top talents! 
  • Ceremony Permit Assistance
  • Officiant that fits you and your your beliefs/style
  • 5 Client Guides with advice, tips, and recommendations for the BEST wedding experience!
  • Up to 7 hours of photography coverage
  • Surprise luxe adventure curated to you & your love during your elopement
  • 15 Polaroid pictures from your wedding day and rehearsal!!
  • Sneak peek in 72 hours of your wedding day with 75  images
  • A fun and easy online gallery full of images for you to share with friends and family.
  • Full print rights so that you and all your friends and family can have those memories up on the wall! 
  • Full Gallery is delivered in 6-12 weeks ( date night to reminisce!)  and 500 – 700 images 
  • Surprise dinner and drinks for just the two of you!

This package is perfect for:  The couple who wants to truly enjoy the experience and just show up for the party! I’ll create your entire timeline and gather all your vendors while you just tell me what you want and send me your inspo photos! 

  1. Write your own adventure

Want videography? Maybe a little of this and a little of that? Well let’s create a custom package that is exclusive to your wants and needs! Tell me everything you want or don’t want and we can create it! From a simple photography and/or videography elopement to a full day adventure. I got all the sought after options that couples are dreaming of! 

YEEHAW, let’s do this!!

Foxtails’ Starry Eyed Style

From locking fingertips to the wildlife wandering into your ceremony, every moment is captured. This is why we never put our camera’s down. Because the unplanned moments hold the feelings you’ll never want to let go of. Those memories are the ones we want to look back on and have captured perfectly. 

Our style is candid, natural and romantically adventurous. Basically, I like to say that Foxtails is guided by nature. Be that golden light cascading down from the mountains upon fields of wildflowers to our natural edits; our photography TRULY captures every color exactly as it is! So many photographers blow out the blue skies or use trendy edits that change the color of skin, eyes, flowers, everything. Why come to one of the most beautiful places in the world and then have that all altered in your photographs? I reckon not!

From making you feel nature so that you can authentically show up as YOU in your photographs to the stunning landscapes around you, we document it all in raw, honest moments with the best angles so that you not only look your best but also so that the landscapes are encompassed perfectly around you.

Your Local, Wyoming Elopement Photographer

Hey Ya’ll, I’m Kayla

Your Wyoming mountain woman with a finesse for fine art in the West.

I originally came to the wild frontier to live out my John Wayne era, but stayed for the captivating landscapes and Western hospitality (plus the cowboys, duh!).

So now I live at the base of the Big Horn Mountains where my dreams run wild every day as I truly “Romance the West”, encompassing my gypsy soul with adventure and writing my own story amongst the wilds of Wyoming. 

Truthfully, I see the world in frames (usually that of an 85mm lens) and my passion for photography stems from my love of wildlife and landscape photography.  I tend to come alive for any creative story telling that not only allows me to fully express my art form while capturing the soul of the West . This is why I love photographing elopements so much! Because everyone has their own love story that is unique in so many ways! No two elopements are alike and I love being able to bring my couples dreams to LIFE.

Check my Ramblin’ Receipts:

  • 17 Years in Wyoming – Safe to say I know the backroads( and the best cowboy bars along the way!) Being a photographer isn’t enough in Wyoming. It’s understanding: the lay of the land, regulations, weather patterns, AND knowing all the best locations where the light hits just right between the mountain peaks. 
  • 8 Years of Weddings – My industry expertise sets you up for the BEST elopement. From my relationships with local vendors and honest recommendations to troubleshooting any thing day-of, I will ensure your day runs smoothly and efficiently (while documenting every moment).
  • Wildlife & Landscape Photographer – Did you know that I actually started off photographing wildlife and landscapes because I wanted to be a photographer for National Geographic? It’s True! So in addition to capturing your love story against the untamed scenery, you’ll also receive stunning images of the mountains + wildlife we come across on your adventure!

Romance the West, In Love

If this has got you in your feels, just wait until we capture your forever against the iconic landscapes of Jackson. I am booking all-inclusive elopement experiences for 2024 + 2025. To inquire and ride West with me, inquire now as dates tend to book up fast!









What all services do you offer  as part of my Wyoming elopement packages? 

Great Question! Here are just a few options in our packages:

  • Photography and/or Videography
  • Florals
  • Cakes and sweets
  • Adventures such as horseback riding, scenic boat tours, hiking, hot springs, sleigh rides, helicopter tours, snowmobiling, dog sledding, and much more! 
  • Planning assistance
  • Timeline Creation
  • Vendor Referrals ( a little hint, we have worked with almost every vendor in the area and can recommend the BEST vendors depending on your needs) 
  • Hotel, Ranch, and Airbnb recommendations
  • Literally anything you can dream of or need!

What if we already have a few vendors booked? 

Depending on your needs, Foxtails Weddings might be able to service you. While we have a full team of vendors we work with, we can often work alongside those you have already hired. Especially if you hired someone who is not familiar with our area. We have heard all the horror stories and worked with many couples who haven’t hired the best vendors initially, so being able to pull in a knowledgable team can really help to make certain you’re able to relax and have the wedding of your dreams. 


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