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Your local Jackson Hole, Wyoming  wedding and Elopement photographer. 
You can often find me in Tulsa, Oklahoma where I am from. Or catching a flight Cancun or Tulum Mexico for my favorite beaches. Perhaps munching on pastries in Iceland, and often basking in sunshine on the French Riviera. But wyoming is Home and where I love to spend most of my time documenting

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Foxtails Photography is one of Jackson Hole’s local wedding photographers. Our Wyoming Elopement packages are so much MORE than just  photography.  We provide expertise in planning, florals, adventure, and everything you need!

Our Wyoming Elopement Packages

Couple standing in front of Tetons during their Wyoming elopement package with Foxtails PhotographyMore and more, I hear about how couples are craving simplicity in planning their special day. It can be a huge headache to hire a million different vendors, communicate your wants and needs to each of them, and hope they all understand your unique vision. Why not hire someone who can take care of multiple aspects of your elopement? Because when planning a destination wedding or adventure elopement, you want support and ease. Our all-inclusive wyoming elopement packages were born out of my clients needs. With my advance knowledge across the wedding industry and local connections, we created the dream package.

Now, you can book your wyoming elopement packages with videography, florals, cake, local drinks ( let’s pop the bubbly with some local champagne, beer, or cider), rentals, and horse back riding, scenic boat tours , and much more!  Perfect for a Jackson Hole, Wyoming wedding or elopement package!

The Adventure Elopement Package 

Dreaming of escaping to the mountains for an adventure elopement? Our elopement packages offer base packages of photography and videography to an entire day of adventure. You can start off with soaking in the hot springs or horse back riding.  Perhaps a mid day boat ride or even sleigh ride for those winter months. Ultimately, you can choose a half day or full day of exploring. I’ll show you my favorite places and take you to the most beautiful locations! Because after living in Wyoming for 15 years, I know the backroads. 

To top off the adventure, your elopement package comes with snacks and local drinks.  I’ll get to take you to my favorite bakery first thing too!  And of course, there will be cake! We truly customize these for what YOU want and are dreaming of. 

Golden rose from a Wyoming Elopement package in Jackson Hole with FoxtailsThe Intimate Wyoming Wedding Package

Many couples choose to bring a small group of friends or family with them. Some have even 40 or 50 of them join!  Foxtails Weddings has a team that is able to pull in the best. Creating an all inclusive wedding package so that you can relax and have fun. Essentially, this is a mixture of an elopement and a wedding!

We help to guide you through the best venues, locations in Grand Teton National Park, your floral style, rentals, catering, literally everything! From our client guide to our planning sessions, we can accommodate up to 50 guests for these Wyoming wedding packages. 

Want to see more? Let’s start off with florals and a few of my favorite florals we use in Wyoming Elopement Packages.  

Pink ranunculus in natural, golden lightRanunculus 

Of course, my number one flower is the ranunculus! Both the butterfly varieties as well as the layered, hardy ranunculus truly make me swoon. I first fell in love with ranunculuses in Nice, France, where I shopped the gorgeous flower markets and laid eyes upon their beautiful, delicate petals. Immediately I was smitten with the ranunculus! And thereafter, on every trip to France, I always make sure to grab my ranunculuses from the markets. 

Garden RosesYellow garden rose from a wyoming wedding in Jackson Hole

Coming in hot in second place is garden roses! I love the wild roses that grow in my garden, but, up until recently, never really cared for them in bouquets. After cultivating my unique style and learning to incorporate different varieties of florals, I now love to design with the garden rose! The garden varieties are quite luxurious and often pricey, but they are the superior rose in terms of beauty and scent!  Do you picture roses in your bouquet but want to go a less expensive route? Let’s chat about garden spray roses! Working with me as your floral designer and photographer, I can ensure that your Wyoming elopement package will be custom-tailored to budget and needs!

Wispy wedding flower, the poppy is a favorite in foxtails Wyoming elopement packagesPoppies

What about Poppies? Of course many flowers are only available certain times of the year, but as soon as poppies are in bloom, I have them growing in my garden. They are such a sturdy, yet delicate and wispy flower! 

LisianthusDelicate lisianthus from a brides bouquet in Jackson Hole Wyoming

Next up in my list of favorites is the Lisianthus. I am a die-hard fan of these beauts: especially the double- petaled ones! They are available year round, and so many of my bouquets feature these beauties!


Wedding centerpiece from a Jackson Hole WeddingMums are another personal favorite with their hardiness and versatility. Story time: A few years ago, I worked a styled shoot where the floral designer really let us down. The designer had paired cattails and cactus together (WTF, a big no-no), and to this day I will never forget how disappointed we were about the design. Thankfully, my knowledge of  floral design was able to save the day. I quickly ran into town to grab roses, ranunculuses, and mums, to try and elevate the bouquets add more luxury to them. I was able to create something that was unique and looked beautiful in our photographs! This experience hugely informed my decision to offer wedding and elopement packages for photography and floral design. In understanding a couple’s vision for their photographs, I can easily and effectively design florals that meet their needs as well!

So, you want to work with Foxtails Weddings and learn more about my Wyoming elopement package offers? 

EEEeeeee! I am so excited!  From a rustic wedding or adventurous Jackson Hole elopement, to a luxurious micro-wedding, my team and I can create something unique no matter the occasion!

What all services do you offer  as part of my Wyoming elopement packages? 

Great Question! Here are just a few options in our packages:

  • Photography and/or Videography
  • Florals
  • Cakes and sweets
  • Adventures such as horseback riding, scenic boat tours, hiking, hot springs, sleigh rides, helicopter tours, snowmobiling, dog sledding, and much more! 
  • Planning assistance
  • Timeline Creation
  • Vendor Referrals ( a little hint, we have worked with almost every vendor in the area and can recommend the BEST vendors depending on your needs) 
  • Hotel, Ranch, and Airbnb recommendations
  • Literally anything you can dream of or need!

What if we already have a few vendors booked? 

Depending on your needs, Foxtails Weddings might be able to service you. While we have a full team of vendors we work with, we can often work alongside those you have already hired. Especially if you hired someone who is not familiar with our area. We have heard all the horror stories and worked with many couples who haven’t hired the best vendors initially, so being able to pull in a knowledgable team can really help to make certain you’re able to relax and have the wedding of your dreams. 




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