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A Wintery Wedding at Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming





Most 2020 weddings, and now, most 2021 weddings, have hardly happened according to plan. The Covid -19 Pandemic has made troupers out of couples who have had their weddings this past year. They have had to be resilient, they have had to compromise, and they have had to make huge sacrifices. Ariane and Jackson are no exception. The pandemic forced them to reimagine their entire wedding. But, sure enough, in the midst of Jackson working grueling hours for his doctoral residency and Ariane finishing up her nursing degree, they formulated a picture-perfect ceremony. Ariane and Jackson’s wedding at Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson, WY was an intimate ceremony truly out of a fairytale. 

All about Ariane and Jackson


Spring Creek Ranch Couple First Look


This gorgeous couple met way back in high school, so they have been together for quite a long time! Ariane and Jackson got engaged back in December of 2019 while on a skiing trip in Bozeman, Montana. They quickly decided that they didn’t want to wait too long to have their wedding! They decided to have their ceremony exactly one year after their engagement, right to the day, in Jackson Hole! Not even three months later, a global pandemic hit the States and started to threaten their plans. But, Ariane and Jackson’s love and resilience proved that not even a global pandemic would get in their way.

Why Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson, WHY was their saving grace


Covid Wedding at Spring Creek First Look


Luckily, Ariane and Jackson pictured a smaller wedding from the start, even before the pandemic hit. They initially imagined only about 60 people or so at their wedding! But, as the pandemic progressed, each month they had to whittle down their guest list more and more and more. Of all the couples I worked with during the pandemic, my heart especially went out to Ariane and Jackson. With all the changes and adjustments they had to make for their wedding, the planning process was not easy.

Some of the decisions they had to make were especially heartbreaking. For instance, Ariane’s aunt was the floral designer for her wedding, and a talented one at that. But as Covid restrictions became more and more strict, she couldn’t even have her aunt attend her wedding. The floral designs were breathtaking, and she couldn’t even be there to see her niece use them. 

Ariane and Jackson felt incredibly discouraged with every new adjustment they had to make. Luckily, the wedding gods were looking out for them when they found Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson, WY. Despite all the changes Ariane and Jackson were forced to make, Spring Creek Ranch was incredibly accommodating and compassionate in honoring their special day. 


So, what makes Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson, WY

such an incredible wedding venue?


The staff at Spring Creek Ranch are top-tier


Spring Creek Ranch has a dream-team staff. Everyone who works here is so generous with their time, energy and efforts. They made sure Ariane and Jackson and their entire wedding party (albeit 10 people), were taken care of. The staff is also incredibly attentive and proactive. It’s like they think of everything you might want or need for your wedding at Spring Creek Ranch. They offered Ariane and Jackson many suggestions and ideas on how to make their day the best it could be.





As you can see from the photographs, there was a gorgeous cowhide rug adorning the wedding aisle. This beautiful detail gave the aisle a cozy, western feel as it tied the space together. Spring Creek Ranch actually suggested this to Ariane and Jackson, and supplied the cowhide for their private villa wedding! Honestly, I would tell any couple that you want to have your Jackson Hole wedding or elopement here just for the amazing staff! 


Spring Creek Ranch: where your vision for your wedding matters


Overhead view of Spring Creek Ranch Private Villa

The folks at Spring Creek Ranch were also amazingly accommodating. Since Ariane and Jackson’s wedding had to constantly change form: from limiting the guest list multiple times, to changing the location of the wedding, having a compassionate staff was a dream. Initially, Ariane and Jackson wanted to rent out the Sagebrush Ballroom at Spring Creek for their we

dding ceremony. They also initially wanted to utilize the gorgeous Sagebrush Vista for some of their ceremony. The Sagebrush Vista is a magnificent outdoor space with panoramic views of the Teton Mountains and all that surrounds Spring Creek Ranch.

But, eventually, this proved to not be an option, because of the Spring Creek Ranch’s Covid compliance guidelines. So what didthe lovely people at Spring Creek Ranch suggest to Ariane and Jackson? They offered them the opportunity to rent out an entire 3-4000sq foot Villa on the Spring Creek Ranch property. The Villa was a rustic yet luxurious space, furnished with dark wood detailing and massive windows that invited sunlight in from every direction. 


The atmosphere of the venues, villa and property at Spring Creek:

Luxury without luxury prices




The property that Spring Creek Ranch sits on is so picturesque, you would think it’s out of a painting. From anywhere on the property, you have panoramic views of the Teton Mountains, surrounding valleys, and lush forest ranges. Spring Creek Ranch is actually located on a Wildlife reserve, so, unfortunately, pets are not allowed on the property. But, this let’s you know just how taken care of and preserved the land is here. Especially if you crave dreamy, almost surreal outdoor wedding or elopement photos, you can step outside from anywhere on the property, and you are immediately surrounded by fields of sage and wintry bliss. 

Ariane and Jackson are a couple who adore the outdoors. They love to ski, hike, are quite active and appreciate the nature in the Jackson Hole area. If you and your love are anything like these two, Spring creek is a great option for couples who have a passion for being in nature. 


The price is incomparable for what you receive at Spring Creek Ranch


Spring Creek Ranch, without a doubt, delivers that luxurious yet rustic feel that people crave and adore about Jackson Hole. Like I said before, the staff is a luxury-level staff, the location and views are stunning, and the venues and villas are just as luxurious as the other aspects of being at Spring Creek. I could not believe the luxury experience that Ariane and Jackson, the wedding party, and the entire wedding team received. And the best part is, Spring Creek Ranch delivers a luxury, yet authentic experience without luxury prices. 


The whole experience, from ceremony to reception, was out of a wintry western dream. The ceremony itself, brightened with pouring sunlight from the beautiful windows, was elegant in its simplicity. The space was luxurious because nothing was gaudy or overdone. And the reception table screamed coziness with an oversized fireplace warming the space, and gorgeous garland mantle pieces across the dining area and fireplace mantle. The ambiance of the villa is utter warmth: it invites people to stay, celebrate and relax. What more could you want?

The unique quality of the spaces guarantee magnificent, high-quality wedding photos


The way the spaces invite natural light in to brighten up the dark wood is one of my favorite things about Spring Creek Ranch. As a photographer, I am can usually tell, due to lighting and other factors, if a space will photograph well. To elaborate: many indoor venues in Wyoming tend to be very rustic or western in feel. And, when you have a very dark space, it requires more natural light, especially to take gorgeous, high-quality photos. If the windows do not invite enough natural light in, spaces with dark wood can create harsh orange tones on skin when photographed, (you do not want this!). 

The beautiful big windows of the indoor spaces and villas at Spring Creek absolutely delighted me. This is a photographer’s dream! To have windows that invite so much natural light in to brighten the darker details in the space. I photographed Ariane and Jackson’s wedding in a private villa, and all the people in the wedding as well as the space photographed BEAUTIFULLY. So, at a venue like this, you can rest assured that the lighting and therefore, the photos, will always be top notch. 


A seemingly ruined wedding plan turned out to be better than they imagined


Although Ariane and Jackson wish that they could’ve had all of their guests at their wedding, or their grand ballroom, or their gorgeous vista outlook, Spring Creek Ranch was a dream wedding venue.  The staff was stellar, the overall event experience was easeful, and the spaces were cozy and luxurious. I could not rave about Spring Creek Ranch for your Jackson Hole WY wedding or Elopement enough!


And of course, I can’t forget to give some love to the amazing vendors:

Wedding Dress by Lovely Bride

Wedding Cupcakes by Jackson Cake Company

Florals by Impressions and Design

Catering and Planning by Spring Creek Ranch

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