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Wyoming Entrepreneur sits at computer for her brand photography in Jackson HoleStudio Blume | Jackson Hole Brand Photography

When I am not shooting my wedding and adventure elopement clients, I absolutely adore shooting  brand photography for small businesses. The way I see it: brand photography is  a way to visually tell a brand story to your potential clients/audience. It is also a way to help your audience connect with you! Human beings generally buy because of an emotional connection they have to the face of a brand or a brand story. You want your brand photography to invite your audience to know, like and trust you. As well as show off  professionalism. That way, your brand will be more recognized and memorable along with respected. #nocellphoneselfieshere


I am so excited when I get to shoot brand photography for entrepreneurs in the Jackson Hole and Wyoming area’s. There are so many creatives and entrepreneurs scattered throughout Wyoming. I would love for each of them to embrace their unique brands with brand photography! And, since brand photography is still not super popular in the Jackson Hole, Wyoming area, I encourage entrepreneurs to take advantage of getting brand photography done. Why? Because it allows your personal brand to stand out among your competitors!


Brand Photography Tips: Before You Shoot


If you are a creative entrepreneur, the face of a brand, or a CEO-minded service or product based business owner, I would highly recommend brand photography! But, before you decide to get brand photography done, it is important to dive into some crucial questions! When I work with my Jackson Hole and Tulsa clients for their brand photography, I always emphasize how vital it is to understand your brand holistically, so that you, me, and your designer, can embody your brand when it’s time to shoot.


For instance, some questions you can ask yourself before getting brand photography are: 

  • What do you want to be known for? 
  • Why do you do what you do? 
  • What are your values? 
  • What do you want people to feel when they see your brand or business?
  • Who is your dream client? 

When you examine these things, you will have a better understanding of how you want your brand to be captured! I always start off with a deep dive into a clients brand with my questionnaire and then a planning session. It’s always helpful when my brand photography clients come to me with either a mood board and/or a brain dump of words, phrases and ideas related to their brand before we jump into planning! We always create our own mood boards and details for the branding together but having a vision before we start really helps. You can also ready more  on my blog about What Is Brand Photography 

Kacey smiles during her brand photography session in her home officeBrand Photography in Jackson Hole – Studio Blume


Graphic designers and illustrators are some of my favorite types of brand photography clients! They are so creative in their work and they tend to have such a creative vision for their brand sessions. Working with Kacey from Studio Blume was an example of a dream Jackson Hole branding shoot. From her detailed mood boards to the layout of her luxury studio, the whole experience felt like such an artistic collaboration. 


Highlighting your Unique Brand


One important feature in the branding process for graphic designers is a mood board. It creates a visual direction for clients and designers  to show off the brand direction. Kacey is known for her gorgeous mood boards and I couldn’t wait to capture some! In prepping for her shoot, we took some of her recent client work and styled it out on vision boards to capture her with her work. Mood board creation is typically the first step Kacey takes when working with clients, so it was important to us to show part of her process in her photos. 

Kacey is also an expert in typography, so we decided to include her gorgeous typography book in herphotoshoot. For Kacey, it was important that we showcase the research she puts into each client’s design and branding. Her hard work, attention to detail, and compassion are key features of her brand, so we needed to showcase all of this!


Studio Blume makes certain that each client has an excellent client experience from start to finish. Kacey gives each of her clients a beautiful, high quality portfolio print as a gift after their work together. Offering these is a great way to summarize and synthesize the design process and allows each client to keep a tangible representation of their new brand. We made sure to photograph these as well, to showcase the luxury experience of working with Kacey.


Your Brand Photography is all about YOU 


 Most graphic illustrators and designers work from their home offices( especially in 2021), so we definitely wanted to show this off! Kacey has the most beautiful (and enormous) wood desk that she does all of her work on. It only felt right to take some photos here! It was one of her businesses biggest initial investments and a key to her work regimen. I followed Kacey throughout her workspace as she took part in typical day to day activities- from pinning mood boards on her cork board, reviewing work on her desktop, to walking down the street for a midday latte. 


Coffee and an early evening glass of wine: the powerful force behind many creative entrepreneurs! I love to incorporate my clients favorite drinks into their branding. We pulled in a favorite coffee mug of Kacey’s for her habitual morning coffee and then, to show off a little bit of her 5 O’clock flair, we showcased her with a glass of red wine. For Kacey, it was important to showcase that as a creative entrepreneur, it’s important to have a work ethic and deliver, but it is just as important to enjoy yourself while you work!


And, speaking of enjoying yourself while you work…Kacey’s dog, Ace, can be seen in many of her branding photos! Since she works from her home office, showing off the aspects of her at-home environment felt true and truthful for Kacey! 


The Importance of Brand Photography


Whether you envision a minimal studio shoot, or a shoot on a favorite downtown street, or a much more personal brand shoot in your home office/work space: brand photography is guaranteed to elevate your brand. Quality brand photography will give potential DREAM clients the opportunity to get to know, like, and trust you through your photos, as well as your portfolio, reviews and testimonials. 


Think about it this way: if your dream client is deciding between you and three other business owners who are just as talented as you are, what will be the deciding factor for them? Chances are, they will choose the person who they feel MOST connected to on a personal level. Brand photography gives you the opportunity to make that connection.


Foxtails Photography – Your Jackson Hole + Tulsa Brand Photographer


If you are a business owner in the Jackson Hole or Tulsa areas, Kayla at Foxtails Photography is your go-to woman for brand photography. Kayla deeply understands the importance of building a personal brand: it increases credibility, expands brand recognition, and so much more. I works hard with every branding client to ensure that every detail of their vision is brought to life. Then your branding shoot will be a high-touch collaboration, so you know your vision is in excellent hands. 



More Tips from your Photographer


Here are some final tips & tricks to leave you with if you are a business owner who is curious about having their first branding shoot, or if you are looking to have refreshed brand photography:

Clothing Tips

  • Wear clothes that feel like your ESSENCE . Are you girly and preppy? Wear these clothes in your shoot! Is your essence more boho and vintage? Wear these kinds of clothes in your shoot! Or if your budget allows,  hire a stylist to style you all out. I absolutely LOVE when my clients work with a stylist. 
  • You typically want to wear clothes/accessories that match your brand color scheme. Because if you are going to be using these photos on your Instagram or website, you want them to be aesthetically cohesive with the brand you are already building!

If you book a session with me, I actually go over this and so much more in my branding guide!

Don’t be afraid to use props!

  • Spring more props than you think you’ll need! Props are a great way to show off your personality in brand photos. Do you swear by your personal planner? How about sticky notes – do you use these to organize your thoughts? Do you have a mug or water bottle that you use daily? Bring these to your branding shoot. You’d be surprised by how personalized props bring such LIFE to your branding photography! 

Show your dream clients who you are!

  • Do not be afraid to bring your entire personality into your branding shoot. Even though brand photography is for your business, your photos don’t need to be stuffy, boring, or overly “professional”. Are you a more goofy, casual business owner? Let that shine in your personal brand photography. Are you all about business and on the more serious side? Let this be highlighted in your personal brand photography! The keyword here is personal. Your brand photography may not look like anyone else’s, and that is a good thing! You want to stand out as a memorable brand & business owner right? Embrace the unique things about you to really make your brand photography capture your dream clients.

I hope you enjoyed getting to learn more about one of my favorite branding clients as well as tips for your own brand shoot! If you have more questions or want to learn more. Just send me an e-mail or let’s get to know each other on IG!

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