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Jackson Hole Destination Weddings are truly iconic. Read more about all the features our area has to offer for you Jackson Hole, Wyoming Wedding!


The Scenic Beauty of Jackson Hole

A PERFECT backdrop for your Jackson Hole Wedding!

  • The Grand Tetons bring people from all over the world because of their iconic Mountain Heights with the low valley plains. Often, they are compared to the Dolomites or Switzerland’s majestic mountains. 
  • Wildlife- One of the biggest WOW factors of Grand Teton National Park is the high volumes of wildlife. With herds of elk, Big Horn sheep, and bison roaming across the plains and often Moose, bears ( both grizzly and black) dominate the larger mammals in the area. We also have TONS of foxes, eagles, hawks, owls, mountain bluebirds, and MORE!
  • Snake River – Another iconic feature of Jackson Hole is the immaculate Snake River. It “snakes’ ‘ across most of the Jackson Hole area hence it’s name!
  • Mountain Lakes – From the jaw dropping Jenny Lake to the high rising Delta, we have lots of water around the area for you aqua lovers!


The Unique Western Culture of Jackson Hole

  • The fact is, Wyoming is part of the last of the Wild West As the least populated state, we home some amazing ranches across our lands. The Cowboy Heritage is known around the world! The Jackson Hole area also houses many due ranches so if you want to see what the true experience is of gathering cattle or packing across the mountain, you can!  But you can also sign up for a simple hour or two horse ride to enjoy the view. 
  • Get Western – Truly take advantage of the local western culture and enjoy a cowboy hat, some new fancy boots, or even adorn yourself in turquoise! It’s a big part of our fashion but it’s also pretty sensible attire for the elements! 


The Outdoor Adventure Opportunities

  • Summer – Jackson Hole’s summer activities are what most of us LIVE for!  The hiking, fishing, kayaking, paddleboarding, rafting,horsebackriding, atv’s, mountain climbing, and so much more! I always recommend the Jenny Lake hike as it is easy enough for most people and even has a boat ride back as a fun option! Just remember to ALWAYS pack bear spray and be bear aware!  
  • Winter – Our mountains are internationally known! People come from all over to ski and snowboard here! Outside of those two activities we have sleigh rides, dog sledding, snow machining, snowshoeing, and soaking in the local hot spring. Not to mention just cozying up to a fireplace with a hot cup of coco! 


The High-Quality Accommodations

  • Jackson has some FUN and luxury accommodations in the area. My personal favs for the family is The Virginian Lodge or kick it up a notch to The Cloud Veil for a mid-luxury experience. If you truly want to celebrate in style the you can not beat Amangani! With a 360 degree view of the ENTIRE valley while situated on a wildlife refuge, it is truly the BEST choice for our area. They even have an outdoor pool where you can enjoy the view and a delicious restaurant to celebrate with elevated cuisine. 


The Delicious Food and Drink

  • One of the best parts of being out west is that you can try huckleberry, bison, and elk! Let me tell you, Hatch is my FAV place for brunch!  With a huckleberry margarita and bison chorizo you can’t go wrong! We also have delicious parties at the infamous Persephone’s and many adore the woodfired options at Glorietta’s. If you’re ready for some elk, go check out Gun Barrel for a wild west dining experience! 
  • We also have some of the BEST catering around which means that you can bring the local cuisine into your wedding to again elevate your guest’s experience! Take a peak at one of our favs, Maho Catering!


couple holds hands after getting married in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The Expert Wedding Professionals for your Jackson Hole Destination Wedding

  • Between the Mountains and valleys, weddings are a little different. WE have many elements that a lot of folk aren’t use to ( like blizzards in May, fast winds, and high elevation). This means it is even more important to have a local team that KNOWS how to have hair/makeup  to withstand the Wyoming winds, florists who can swing petals with ease at our elevation and dry air, photographers who know every nook and cranny of this land as well as are educated on regulations and Leaving No Trace.  Hiring a local means you get the BEST recommendations ( I mean if you like this blog it ain’t even half of it!) while also having trusted knowledge and advice. 


Bride and groom kiss after wedding with horses running behind them

The Range of Venue Options for Jackson Hole Destination Weddings

  • Not everyone can have a herd of horses run behind them for their first kiss, but you sure can in Jackson Hole! Truly our venues are MADE for the views and the outdoors With stunning barns and open landscapes. You don’t come here to get married inside! You come here to say “I do” with a view! Diamond Cross is another iconic location among our lands along with Snake River Ranch and the luxury life at Lost Creek Ranch! You can experience the last of the west with your love!


The Accessibility of Jackson Hole

  • Flying straight into Jackson hole is the BEST! You can see everything from above and then get out and explore! With the bordering Yellowstone, the outdoor’s is endless! Many will even fly into Jackson and then out of Bozeman or Salt Lake City to see the surrounding lands too! ONce you’re here, you want to grab a good 4 wheel drive vehicle so you can put some miles down to see everything. It is a WIDE open area and things are spread out! But we also have a TON of amazing taxis and companies who can drive you around so that you can sit back and enjoy the view!


The Range of Seasonal Options

  • The seasons here run a little differently! Summer is June-September and even in those month’s you’ll want layers as it cools off quickly in the evenings. For lots of green and wildflowers, you’ll want to come explore Mid June through July. If golden tones are more your vibe though then hit up the area after August! Our long grasses turn gold and it’s quite a stunning pop against the blue mountains. 
  • Winter runs from November through April and months like November or April you’ll find the town partially shut down as businesses take time off to rest between busy seasons. 


The Overall Experience of a Jackson Hole Wedding

  • To sum it up, Jackson Hole is a location where you go to romance the west with your friends and family who want an EXPERIENCE. It’s not just about you but also about  roaming the lands and getting to live among the wilds of Wyoming. Couples often come here to celebrate for more than just a day, often it’s 3-7 days! SO if you’re dreaming of a Wyoming wedding, then get ready to saddle up for the adventure of a lifetime!  

If you’re ready for more tips about a Jackson Hole Wedding, Make sure to check out my blog on Jackson Hole Wedding Venues If you’re ready to hire one of the BEST photographers in the state then you can send over an inquiry HERE!

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