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 Wedding reception at one of Jackson Holes wedding venues Spring Creek Ranch

Our Favorite Jackson Hole Wedding Venues

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Jackson Hole Wedding Venues with fabulous reception rooms

How to Choose the best Jackson Hole, Wyoming Wedding Venue


With so many options, it can be difficult to choose! Your budget will be your overall first step but then you should consider how many guests you’re going to have. Many locations can’t hold larger weddings in our area. If you are having 40 or less, then virtually every venue on the list is an option! For larger weddings, you’ll want to look at Snake River, Diamond Cross, or Jackson Hoel Golf and Tennis. Some of the others also have space for larger weddings though during the summer months!

Once you know how many guests, then you can start to narrow down the options! Some locations have stunning views of the Tetons while others are farther away. If you’re having a small wedding, you can also have a ceremony in Grand Teton National Park with a permit and then do a reception in town.


Location, location! The Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park is BIG. There are many venues located within the park, south of Jackson, and even west into Idaho. Some of these venues are STUNNING and have beautiful views! They just don’t have a view of the Tetons. So if getting married within the park is important, or having the Teton view for your entire wedding then you’ll want to consider locations north of Jackson Hole or around the Wilson/Teton Village area. If you haven’t been there before, you can’t actually see the Tetons from Jackson Hole. Jackson is tucked into a little valley so there are large, rolling hills/mountains around it. I adore Trail Creek and Moose Creek ranch for locations that are beautiful without the Teton View. Ranch Alegre is a phenomenal venue where you can stay on the ranch, have Teton views, and party your heart out.


Once you know your budget, desired location, and how many guests you’ll have, then you can start to narrow down venues. If you decide on having a ceremony within Grand Teton National Park, then you might want to consider your reception location closer to town than a spot with a view. My favorite reception venue is The Cloud Veil as they have the best location, a great restaurant/catering, and a FABULOUS rooftop with a VIEW! They also have beautiful rooms inside that you can hold a reception at!

My favorite all around venue for a large wedding is Snake River Ranch. It has the best views and is just down the road from Teton Village so it is easy to get to. If you’re having a smaller wedding then Lost Creek, Amangani, and Split Creek ranch are top of my list because you can also stay out there. These are a little more luxury which makes for an experience of a lifetime. Everyone is different so find what is important to you and your fiancé.

If you’re wanting a great location that is budget friendly, then I recommend doing a ceremony in the park and reception at the old Wilson School House Community Center. It has BEAUTIFUL lighting and is so cute! Continuum also has an amazing room on their second floor with velvet lounge chairs and a full service bar. Perfect for a party, especially in the winter because you can just ski right in/out!

Choose what is BEST for you and your partner

The truth is, no matter what your budget, everyone can have an iconic wedding in Jackson Hole. There are venues within every budget and with any kind of view you could dream of. The important part is for you and your fiancé to agree what is most important. For some, having the venue with EVERYTHING is important to both. For others, it might be more important to have an accessible venue that will hold the best party rather than view.

A planner can certainly help with choosing and giving you even more information than what is in this little blog. If you’re planning on your own, then that is where your photographer/videographer is going to be helpful! At least if they are local and know the area/vendors they will be. Having lived in Wyoming for 15 years and had weddings across the entire state, I have a lot of experience and knowledge I am able to support my clients with. It truly helps to create a fun and relaxing stress free experience for destination wedding couples.

A few more tips

If you know you want a planner, then that should be your first step in wedding planning. You will want them to help you choose the venues and give you professional insight. From budgets and locations, to venue issues and which venues provide couples a better experience, you truly get your moneys worth! And many venues require at the least a day of coordinator, so you can already be a step ahead.

I recommend Ashley with Wild Rose Weddings or Wildly Collective. For more intimate weddings of 60 guests or fewer, then our sister company Foxtails Weddings might be a great option for you! Our teams provide all-inclusive wedding and elopements for couples looking to get married in Wyoming as well as individual services.

Couple kisses in front of Tetons after their wedding in Jackson Hole at Spring Creek Ranch

THANK YOU for taking the time to read through this. I hope it is helpful and if you have any questions, just send over an e-mail or inquiry and I am happy to help!



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