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Fall Harvest Backyard Dinner

A Creative Collaboration with  House of Perez & Honey Flavored Kitchen

After the long summer season, fall brings good tidings by providing a good harvest. This year, I celebrated by harvesting buckets of tomatoes and peppers and roasting some pumpkins in the oven. I couldn’t have been happier to get our harvest picked, as it gave me a moment of calm in the rush that the change of season ushered in.

A Fall Harvest Dinner

Kacey (of House of Perez) and I had planned on several creative shoots at the beginning of the year so that we would have something to look forward to. Harvest is one of my favorite times and I knew we would have a lot  to work with right before harvest so I wanted to pull in all the veggies and for our recipes and inspiration. To be honest though, it was a crazy busy time and I am amazed that we were still able to pull this off despite having to last minute change a lot of our plans and not being able to make the full menu of recipes. We are both motivated women and after dreaming of this for 6 months, we created what was within our limits.

  For our fall harvest dinner, I  baked a fresh, gluten-free pumpkin cake with a caramel buttercream frosting and a caramel drizzle with some pecans sprinkled on top.  Cakes are also beautiful to photograph so I was looking forward to this piece the most!

I  also roasted a few grills worth of poblanos, which quickly got turned into a creamy, green poblano soup, topped with caramelized bacon and onions and a sprinkle of cilantro. It has just a hint of spiciness, but the cream is blended perfectly to make sure it isn’t too much. Both of these will be  debuting soon so hang on for the recipes! 

Kacey made the most beautiful stuffed acorn squash to add onto our tablescape which were a dream to photograph. They pulled in beautiful colors and textures which always catches my eye.

Autumn Decor-Inspired by the Garden

To decorate our table, I put together some autumn-inspired florals. I used fresh roses from Grace Rose Farm and a mix of calendula, dried corn/milo from the garden, and some celosia that blended in perfectly! With orange, pink, yellow, and creams it was the perfect autumn palette!

I had originally planned on doing a dried install of all my corn stalks and grasses, but  didn’t have the time, sigh. Fall was so hectic this year so an important aspect of being creative it is know your limits. Especially when it comes to being a multitasker . Our little bouquet was so stunning that I didn’t mind the change and instead added two baskets full of corn and milo on each end of the table. I wanted to use the dried corn stalks and milo in the bouquet to pull in some of the pieces from the garden. I love mixing up grasses or local plants in all of my bouquets but this one had so much texture and colors that I was fully smitten.. guess I might just have to pull this in for Thanksgiving too!

Backyard Fall Tablescape

For our tablescape, I collected a few mixed pieces from the cupboard and played with both vintage and modern! I had a gorgeous new set of plates from West Elm I had purchased this summer and mixed the layers with a set of vintage floral plates. I had seen some about mixed/matched tables this year due to covid and families pulling in whatever they had so we went off this idea and pulled in two white plates from Kacey’s with a set of pink glasses to mix up the center settings. I have to say that I hope this trend stays because I love the mixed/match style! My favorite pieces from this table are the vintage coupe glasses I picked up from a local antique store and the caramel water glasses from Bella Cose in Jackson Hole. The second my eyes fell upon these beauties, I knew they were destined for a glorious tablescape! 

We also played with rich yellows by using an April Cornell table runner with the CUTEST napkins that had gold tassels. Both of these came from our amazing local home and kitchen store, Cottonwood Kitchen + Home.  

All of these elements came together to make sure that our table was warm and inviting, along with super delicious! 

Oh, and we couldn’t forget to invite some of my favorite guests – my chickens! Since the garden has been harvested, I’m now able to let our little chickens run around and not have to worry about all of our tomatoes getting eaten. We love them to death, but I really get sick of chasing them out of the garden (and sometimes even my house!)


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