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Sometimes you meet someone who you know you’ll bond with. I had that feeling last year when I met Kacey of The House of Perez. She has become not only a close friend, but also a constant source of inspiration and creativity. 

Kacey has built The House of Perez over the years to showcase her favorite recipes, motherhood, and her passion for mixing modern & traditional. She loves to show case some of the more luxury brands with a hint of vintage, this is so unique and definitely something we wanted to showcase with her brand. I adore this as I am all about repurposing items and have a passion for vintage myself! Kacey’s strong point is her recipes though. I am always amazed at the flavors she mixes and pairing sweet fruits with herbs.

We have developed a friendship of trading skills and education in our various fields. As a baker myself, I have enjoyed having a friend to chat about all things food, florals, and photography. We’re both small-business owners, so there’s always a lot going on in our lives that we can help each other out with. From small ideas to large projects, it’s so nice to have a sounding board!

When Kacey wanted to do a food photography session, I was beyond excited and couldn’t wait to start planning!

Capturing Kacey’s Brand Story

The first step was having Kacey share all her inspiration with me so I could start planning: styles of photography she appreciated, the overall aesthetic of her brand, and where she was heading with this specific shoot, as well as her brand as a whole.  Then we dove into her brand, goals, and the direction of her blog so that I could make certain that I was able to illustrate her brand sustainably. 

After having a solid idea of the style for her shoot, we got into the nitty gritty. Planning out recipes, timelines, outfits, florals, and all the details we would need for the day. 

To tell Kacey’s story, we wanted to capture her doing all the things she loved! Baking, creating centerpieces, and tablescapes. As a fellow lover of the natural light and a neutral aesthetic, I shot without flash and tried to incorporate the light from windows and doors.  

We knew it was going to be a lot to photograph, so we chose a full day session to be able to tackle our shot list. I started off with styling her house prior to shooting which took a few hours ( I actually moved her dining table into her living room as her dinning area was dark and not aligned with her aesthetic and would eventually be painted white) while she finished all her last minute preps. Then we started on recipes and went back and forth between them while capturing other details. 

I had asked Kacey to have most of the recipes already prepped,  we wanted to maximize our time to capture as much as we could. It was important though that a few recipes got some in-the-making shots, so we made sure to allot time in our schedule for prepping and shooting those dishes. 

Overall, the day was incredibly fun!

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