A red dirt girl from Oklahoma turned mountain woman, with a camera in tow.


I met Jackie and Dusten several years ago at one of their friends’ weddings that I was a second photographer at. I’ll never forget how cute of a couple they made, with Jackie’s vivacious laughter and personality alongside Dusten’s quiet and collected nature.  When I found out that the two of them were engaged after […]

I first bonded with Alysia when I found out she was also an avid hunter who loved to fish. It is always so exciting to meet other women who enjoy the outdoors and get the chance to swap experiences. Of course, Alysia and Colter also share a passion for fishing, which is a big part of their […]

Good question, I am here to answer that and why it is beneficial for your business! I’m so excited to explain and help answer your questions for what can be one of the best investments your business will have.  First, brand photography allows you to have personalized images created that are catered to your brand! […]

If you think you want to elope, here are a few questions to ask: Do you value your alone time with your partner and want to celebrate an intimate experience? Or do you want to treasure these first new moments with family and friends?  If you answered alone, then that is the first big step […]

After 7 years together, building a relationship across the states and amongst the chaos of the medical lifestyle… these two said I do among the wild, Big Horn Mountains. We settled on a location that was easily accessible with views and space to be alone, creating an idyllic late spring wedding where the backdrop was […]