An Amangani Honeymoon in Jackson Hole

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Keep calm, elope, and have an Amangani honeymoon.

That was the motto for newlyweds, Ezra and Annabelle. The two love birds quickly eloped, opting out of a traditional wedding and headed to Jackson Hole. What they did do, however, was treat themselves to a honeymoon at Amangani, the perfect place to celebrate their matrimony and relax in style! 

Now, we’ve had a few weddings at Amangani and genuinely LOVE it for our couples. From the stunning views to the luxury style, it is perfect for any Jackson Hole couple to celebrate a wedding at Amangani or enjoy a quiet dinner. 

Our Photography at Amangani

I met Ezra and Annabelle in the lobby of Amangani and we headed straight to the library. Annabelle brought her cute harp with her and looked STUNNING in the natural light that poured in through Amangani’s windows. With her Gucci heels and white silk dress from For Love and Lemons she truly was shining like an angel!

Amangani Views

After the library, we HAD to capture a few moments at the iconic staircase. It’s in Amangani’s main entry, leading from the lobby down to the balcony. Truly beautiful at all times of day or night. 

Cascade Canyon

After our photos at Amangani, we headed into Grand Teton National park for sunset at Cascade Canyon. The way the light filters in here is pure perfection and we got to capture every last ray of sunshine that the Tetons allowed. 

Schwabachers Landing

Lastly, we went to Jackson Hole’s most popular location, Schwabacher’s Landing. The permits for this place go QUICK but luckily we were still able to pop in for adventure photos! 

The reflection of the mountains on the water makes it a stunning location. Actually, the MOST POPULAR spot for elopements and weddings. Whether you’re looking to get hitched with, or without a wedding party, see why you can’t go wrong at Amangani through the lens of Foxtails Photography.


Wildflower Fields

We are always mindful of the Leave No Trace policies. Because I love to find landscapes for couples that aren’t as common. The landscapes in Jackson are stunning in every direction, even without the Tetons. So we try to showcase that and give them something unique. Even if the Tetons aren’t in the photographs.

Couples Portraits | Jackson Hole, Wyoming

If you are looking to document your love while in jackson Hole. I would love to capture you! With over 16 years in the area, you’ll have a locals knowledge of Wyoming. Plus the most stunning photographs EVER!

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