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Couple kisses during their Diamond Cross Ranch Wedding

Maria & Mike’s Diamond Cross Ranch Wedding

Some things that start in high school last a lifetime. Such is the case when it comes to Maria and Mike. These high school sweethearts decided to tie the knot this year, but it wasn’t just any kind of wedding. This Diamond Cross ranch wedding was the perfect wedding venue because it shared a love for dogs. Maria and Mike decided to have a Diamond Cross Ranch wedding not just because of it’s beauty but due to the location’s relaxed policy that allows dogs in the venue. 

Wedding Day Details

Florals, provided by JH Floral Boutique, in neutral colors helped accentuate the natural terrain at this perfect western ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Considered one of the most beautiful places in the world, due to its scenic backdrop, Diamond Cross Ranch was truly magical for this couple. In addition to their dog policy, the stunning ranch also has horses! Mike decided on a white horse to pose with when it was time for photo ops. Why a white horse? Well, according to the groom, it was an ode to him being a Lord of the Rings fan! As a LOTR fan, myself, I adored this couple even more as we shared a common interest. 

But back to this beautiful wedding, I had an opportunity to shoot as a photographer. Everything was just pristine and magical! From the rings (by Heidi Gibson) – which reminded me of stars – the flower arrangements, the wedding party’s choice of attire (Melissa Sweet and Calvin Klein), and more, the outdoor venue truly complimented every detail of this wedding! Simply put, it was STUNNING. 

Forever West Weddings did an amazing job with months of planning for this Diamond Cross Ranch wedding and piecing everything together for Maria and Mike the day of. Three Peaks Catering also made sure the magic carried over into the wedding reception! 

Table set up for guests to sign wedding book with florals and blankets

I’m sure, looking back at their journey as a couple, Maria and Mike can truly say their love has blossomed and flourished as beautifully as Diamond Cross Ranch’s natural landscape. 

Witness the Western ranch magic and relive this beautiful couple’s wedding through imagery.

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