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You can often find me in Tulsa, Oklahoma where I am from. Or catching a flight Cancun or Tulum Mexico for my favorite beaches. Perhaps munching on pastries in Iceland, and often basking in sunshine on the French Riviera. But wyoming is Home and where I love to spend most of my time documenting

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Jackson Hole Wedding

Ready to escape to the mountains and get married in Jackson Hole?

From the Teton mountain peaks to the rolling sage fields, getting married in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is one of the most iconic locations in the world.

Wyoming Destination Weddings

Getting married in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is one of the easiest places to get married. You don’t need a blood test and can easily make an appointment for a marriage license online. All you truly need is an officiant, two witnesses, and a local photographer ( I’m going to brag. I’m the best!!!) to help bring it all to life!

If you’re planning a wedding, then you might need a planner, venue, florist etc. Luckily for you, my client guide dives into the BEST wedding vendors in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. With the click of a button, you’ll view all my most trusted vendors, locations, and bunch of tips & tricks!

Why You Should Get Married in Jackson Hole.

Let’s start with the obvious. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I have traveled a LOT and there is truly no place like it. This is why couples come from all over the world to get married here!

It’s not only that the views are STUNNING but you also dive into the American West. Experiencing what’s left of the wild west and seeing bison roaming fields or elk fighting in the pines. The landscape makes everything about getting married in Jackson Hole, Wyoming gorgeous and there is not a single time of year when it isn’t jaw-dropping.

Tips for Getting Married in Jackson Hole

Best time of year to get married in Jackson Hole

Each season is SO different, and your first step is deciding when to get married! So here is a little insight into our seasons.


– Our spring season is very short, essentially mid-May into the middle of June.

Did you know it can actually even snow still the first week of June!?!? The grass is just starting to green with the trees leafing out. The skies are some of the prettiest this time as they are full of clouds while spring storms pass through. Couples getting married in Jackson Hole this time of year get a little special treatment as the town is quieter and all the wildlife is starting to have babies.


– Middle of June till the Beginning of September

The beginning of summer is my favorite, from the middle of June to mid-July. The temps are warmer but not hot and the wildflowers are all starting to bloom. This is what I imagine heaven looks like.

You’re also right before fire season so have a really low chance of smoke in the area. Tourism really starts to boom around this time and things book up quickly. It’s a popular time to get married in Jackson Hole so you’ll want to book your vendors ASAP to lock in dates!


– September through October

Outside of June, mid-September to the Middle of October is my other favorite time of year. September is actually our BUSIEST month for weddings.

You’ll find tourism has slowed down a bit and the wildlife is roaming across the prairie in preparation for winter. The elk and deer are in a rut ( mating season) so you’ll hear bugling across the valley and see the bulls fight. I love this season because of the scent of fall and brisk mornings. The leaves start to change color and the mountains get their first snow.


– November through April

Yes, it is our longest season! November is still often warm and not much snow on the ground, but there will be snow storms and cooler temps. By December the snow is building up enough for Ski season to start around Christmas! It’s also a beautiful time of year, the stillness and beauty of the snow. The mountains popping out and pine trees highlight where the Tetons meet the snow-covered ground.

During winter, we have LOTS of activities for couples. From skiing and sleigh rides to dog sledding and soaking in the hot springs. Getting married in Jackson Hole this time of year is really fun, you just want to bring a few layers!

Ready for more info on getting married in Jackson Hole Wyoming?

Get my checklist here!

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