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Wyoming Elopement Packages- Why?

Couple standing in front of Tetons during their Wyoming elopement package with Foxtails PhotographyMore and more, I hear about how couples are craving simplicity in planning their special day. It can be a huge headache to hire a million different vendors, communicate your wants and needs to each of them, and hope they all understand your unique vision. Why not hire someone who can take care of multiple aspects of your wedding or elopement? Not only am I an adventure wedding and elopement photographer, but I am officially launching floral design services! These florals will be an option if you are interested in a Jackson Hole, Wyoming wedding or elopement package!


My Background in Floral Design

Many of you already know how much I LOVE flowers. From working in the garden with my mom and grandma as a child to having my own garden, my floral passion has absolutely bloomed (pun intended). I have always been drawn to the beauty of  my gardens and wild-growing florals. After years of building my knowledge on floral design, I finally took the leap into practicing and creating floral designs in 2020! From taking classes to creating my own designs over the years, I am ready to officially launch my elopement bouquets and intimate wedding floral designs! EEEeeeeee I am SO EXCITED! 

Last year, I had 7 clients use my custom bouquets for their special occasions, so this year, I am kicking off my 2021 design collection with an intimate wedding floral design! I’m so confident in my abilities as a floral designer and in the potential of my budding company.  In packaging both my photography expertise and floral design skills, I offer a unique and creative option to those who crave a more all-in-one wedding or elopement package for their big day. With an all-encompassing package that includes planning, photography, and floral design; your elopement will be fun and stress free!


Golden rose from a Wyoming Elopement package in Jackson Hole with FoxtailsWhat kinds of Floral design am I drawn to? 


Taking classes with Rachel of Siren Floral is what truly helped me find my floral vision and develop a style when creating custom arrangements.The floral designs I create for my wedding and elopement packages are wispy, minimal, and natural. I also value creating bouquets with sustainability in mind. Making certain to compost everything I cut, trim, or discard is so crucial to me. And, the boxes that my florals come in are always recycled. I aim to only source from local growers, the wild, and harvest Wyoming native grasses and branches. Additionally, I try to use moss or other sustainable substances instead of conventional floral foam!


My love for floral installations has grown too! From hanging installations to ground installations, which add beautiful detail to a landscape/event without obstructing the view, I love creating luxury, natural, wispy designs that elevate your special day and bring your vision to life! 

So what are a few of my favorite florals to use in my Wyoming Elopement Packages? 


Pink ranunculus in natural, golden lightRanunculus 

Of course, my number one flower is the ranunculus! Both the butterfly varieties as well as the layered, hardy ranunculus truly make me swoon. I first fell in love with ranunculuses in Nice, France, where I shopped the gorgeous flower markets and laid eyes upon their beautiful, delicate petals. Immediately I was smitten with the ranunculus! And thereafter, on every trip to France, I always make sure to grab my ranunculuses from the markets. 

Garden RosesYellow garden rose from a wyoming wedding in Jackson Hole

Coming in hot in second place is garden roses! I love the wild roses that grow in my garden, but, up until recently, never really cared for them in bouquets. After cultivating my unique style and learning to incorporate different varieties of florals, I now love to design with the garden rose! The garden varieties are quite luxurious and often pricey, but they are the superior rose in terms of beauty and scent!  Do you picture roses in your bouquet but want to go a less expensive route? Let’s chat about garden spray roses! Working with me as your floral designer and photographer, I can ensure that your Wyoming elopement package will be custom-tailored to budget and needs!


Wispy wedding flower, the poppy is a favorite in foxtails Wyoming elopement packagesPoppies

What about Poppies? Of course many flowers are only available certain times of the year, but as soon as poppies are in bloom, I have them growing in my garden. They are such a sturdy, yet delicate and wispy flower! 


LisianthusDelicate lisianthus from a brides bouquet in Jackson Hole Wyoming

Next up in my list of favorites is the Lisianthus. I am a die-hard fan of these beauts: especially the double- petaled ones! They are available year round, and so many of my bouquets feature these beauties!



Wedding centerpiece from a Jackson Hole WeddingMums are another personal favorite with their hardiness and versatility. Story time: A few years ago, I worked a styled shoot where the floral designer really let us down. The designer had paired cattails and cactus together (WTF, a big no-no), and to this day I will never forget how disappointed we were about the design. Thankfully, my knowledge of  floral design was able to save the day. I quickly ran into town to grab roses, ranunculuses, and mums, to try and elevate the bouquets add more luxury to them. I was able to create something that was unique and looked beautiful in our photographs! This experience hugely informed my decision to offer wedding and elopement packages for photography and floral design. In understanding a couple’s vision for their photographs, I can easily and effectively design florals that meet their needs as well!



So, you want to work with Foxtails Florals, or learn more about my Wyoming elopement package offers? 


As of right now, I only offer floral design in my elopement packages and intimate, Jackson Hole or Wyoming wedding packages. If you work with me as a photography client, I can put my expertise to the work to create whatever floral design caters to the nature of your shoot. Whether it be a rustic, adventurous Jackson Hole elopement, or luxurious micro-wedding, I can create something unique no matter the occasion!

Why do I offer florals as part of my Wyoming elopement packages? 

For a few reasons:

  • Floral design has become such a passion and expert practice of mine. So, why not integrate my floral design skills with my photography work?
  • Offering complimentary services like photography, floral design, and planning in a wedding or elopement package gives couples ease and peace of mind, because there will be less moving parts in their planning process. They can rest assured that their vision will be actualized in all aspects of their magical day!
  • I want my clients to have the most exceptional and stress free experience when working with me! Planning a destination wedding, an adventurous elopement, or brand shoot can be overwhelming: there are a lot of moving pieces! Adding florals to my offer is a way to better serve my clients and help ease their stress. 

Can I have Foxtails Florals for my Wyoming wedding or elopement? 

Absolutely! I am so thrilled to offer Foxtails Florals to couples who are interested in my Wyoming + Jackson hole wedding/elopement packages! However, as of right now I do not offer floral design services for weddings of more than 30 people. While I do have a team who help me with floral designs for larger weddings, I am simply not able to expand to full-scale floral services at the moment. If you need a florist who can serve you and your large-scale event, I can absolutely offer recommendations! 

Speaking of which! I have some other floral designers I would LOVE to give a shout out to!


First, one of my favorite Jackson Hole floral designers is Flowers by Chloe. She creates the most beautiful designs with high quality florals! I had a bride last fall who had them design her wedding and ceremony florals: I was drooling!


Next, I would recommend Heather with Wild and Free Florals. She has such an eye for quality, luxury florals, and overall beautiful design!


Thirdly, you should check out JH Flower boutique. Their designs can be very budget-friendly and of course, beautiful!

Wedding floral cuffs from Whirly Girl at a Wyoming WeddingFor outside of the Jackson Hole area, I HIGHLY recommend Myca with Whirly Girl. She is my most trusted designer and can truly create the most beautiful visions for each bride. 


Do you have a generous budget to bring an out-of-state designer to Wyoming? 


If I had a dream florist I could work with, it would most certainly be Rachel with Siren Floral Co.  She truly has the most creative vision and she constantly amazes me with her color pairings. She truly knows how to use her brilliance to her advantage in her work.Florals from a class with Rachel of Siren Co


Another recommendation from outside the Jackson Hole Area is Wild Flora.  I am so passionate about sustainability within the floral design industry, and her designs are not only gorgeous, but she makes a point to design with sustainability in mind. And, she is the queen of neutral toned floral design. Needless to say, it is a dream of mine to be mentored by her!





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