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Grand Teton National Park Elopement

A Grand Teton National Park Elopement for Two Brides

These brides were my most emotive & fun couple this year! I love that Beth and Haley have no poker face and show all the emotions they are feeling! I can totally relate to this trait, and I think a lot of others can also relate, as it’s hard to keep emotions at bay on your wedding day. But let me tell you – it really makes for the best pictures! 

rand Teton Elopement details with a customized handkerchief for weddingWe want to feel everything, but obviously try not to cry. I think this is one of the biggest challenges for a couple’s day. To not cry! Beth and Hayley did a great job keeping the tears to a minimum (check out their embroidered tissues). I think it was even more a challenge for ALL of us, as Tiffany of Elope Jackson and I all had our teary moments in between the copious amounts of laughter. 

Our breathtaking (both figuratively and literally speaking – I mean it was that cold) morning started with a sunrise Teton elopement at Mormon Row outside of Jackson Hole, and it featured Elk popping out of the trees and bugling at us. The day continued as all 4 of us struggled to get a darn wine bottle open (but dammit if we didn’t get it! Thank god!) In all these moments, it struck me that this was literally the most perfect, beautiful, glorious elopement I have had this year… and let me tell you, it is hard to have favorites and such, but this one really carried it all, and I will forever cherish these two women, their love story, and getting to share one of their biggest days of their life with them. 

So without further ado, take a peak at this beautiful Grand Teton National Park Elopement at Mormon Row in Jackson, Wyoming. 

Beth & Haley’s Love Story

Beth & Haley are from Arizona. They love the outdoors, and you could find them jeeping, hiking, or exploring a new trail in their free time. Many of Arizona’s wedding spots are used frequently, but these two wanted something unique to them, something quiet and intimate, so they traveled to Wyoming for a Grand Teton Elopement. Since they had never been to Jackson Hole together, it seemed like a great adventure to start their lives adventuring around Wyoming. They hired Tiffany and started planning a low key, fun elopement! I was so happy that Tiffany recommended me, and we were all able to connect. It was a perfect match, and we all had a blast together!

Grand Teton Ceremony at Mormon Row

We decided to have the ceremony behind the Moulton Barn in order to avoid the tourists in front getting sunrise pictures. Beth and Hayley wanted privacy and with the Tetons and a beautiful field behind the barns, the views were just as eye catching!

Post Ceremony Pictures around Grand Teton National Park

For every couple, I love to get some pictures after the ceremony! It’s so fun to explore different locations and work in some different views to give the couple variety in their wedding photos. With the golden sun rising, this post-ceremony shoot had lots of beautiful golden lighting, so we definitely had to make a few stops along the way after leaving the barns to take advantage. 

One of our stops was to get some pictures on the road which was HILARIOUS, as everytime we tried to stop and take a few, a car would drive by and everyone would slow down or stop because they thought we were looking at wildlife… ahaha! As I’ve gotten more photography time around the park, I have noticed this is a bit of a trend, but strangely it seems to happen more in the mornings than evenings. 

But we were rewarded for our patience, because we actually did end up having some wildlife sightings, as we stopped at a quiet stretch of road to capture some photos of Beth and Hayley walking down the road (with the Teton peaks behind them of course.) Low and behold a bull elk was in the trees across from us – perhaps even a little too close for comfort. So we treaded back a little to enjoy his presence, as he bugled and snorted in the cold air. Grand Teton National Park truly never lets you down as there are always amazing views and endless wildlife to watch.

Adventure Away

Our last stop was to capture some around Jenny Lake, which was a little bit of an adventure since all the paths are currently torn apart/under construction. Despite that, we found a path and were able to relax lake side for a quick toast! 

Beth and Hayley had beautiful custom champagne flutes made for their big day. Little did we know what fun challenge it was going to be to get the top off – none of us had a bottle opener with us. We each had a little trick up our sleeve though and after we each took a turn, we were able to get it open (one of tricks: if you are trying to get a metal top off, you can find a sharp edge of a rock and then pull down on the bottle while you hit the top with your fist or possibly another rock… there are other tricks but this one is the only one I know/use).

 So we poured the bubbly and cheered to Beth and Haley, and the adventure awaiting for the rest of their lives away together.

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